One to One Photography Tuition – 3 hours


2 x 3-hour interactive 1to1 lessons


One to One Beginners Photography Tuition – 3 hours

– in-person tuition on a date and time suitable for you. Available on weekdays and weekends.

Each 1to1 will be 100% tailored towards your photographic needs and your camera gear.

You can book as many hours/sessions as you like, but generally, the minimum session time is 3 hours.


During the first session we could go over:
  • How the camera works: light, aperture and the shutter
  • Camera buttons
  • Most important settings
  • The main program mode dial: AutoScenesPA/AvS/TvM
  • Creative scenes
  • Quality, size and compression: RAW vs JPG
  • Picture profiles
  • Focusing modes: AF-A / AI Focus, AF-S Single / One-Shot, AF-C Continuous / AI Servo,  and MF – Manual
  • Focus areas: from the single, flexible spot, group or zone, to dynamic, lock-on and 3D-tracking
  • Drive modes: Single, Continuous/Burst, Quiet Mode, Self-Timer and Remote.


On the second session we could cover:
  • ISO and how this affects the quality of the pictures
  • Shutter speeds and all the creative techniques from freezing action to creating motion blur and night photography
  • Aperture – best settings and lens choice for landscapes and portraits
  • White balance – how to make sure that the colours are correct
  • Lense choice – focal length, angle of view, usage
  • Tips on composition


After each lesson, I offer homework and comprehensive feedback on the pictures, tips, and advice.

You will also receive course notes in pdf format – at the moment 105 pages, and I am adding more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

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