Online Beginners Photography Course – 10 hours


5 x 2-hours interactive 1to1 lessons


One to One Beginners Photography Tuition – 10 hours over 5 weeks

– online tuition dates and time suitable for you. Available on weekdays and weekends.

Each 1to1 will be 100% tailored towards your photographic needs and your camera gear.


Session no 1:
  • How the camera works: light, aperture and the shutter
  • Camera buttons
  • Most important settings
  • The main program mode dial: AutoScenesPA/AvS/TvM
  • Creative scenes
  • Quality, size and compression: RAW vs JPG
  • Picture profiles
Session no 2:
  • Focusing modes: AF-A / AI Focus, AF-S Single / One-Shot, AF-C Continuous / AI Servo,  and MF – Manual
  • Focus areas: from the single, flexible spot, group or zone, to dynamic, lock-on and 3D-tracking
  • Drive modes: Single, Continuous/Burst, Quiet Mode, Self-Timer and Remote.
Session no 3:
  • ISO and how this affects the quality of the pictures
  • Shutter speeds and all the creative techniques from freezing action to creating motion blur and night photography
Session no 4:
  • Aperture and DOF – best settings and lens choice for landscapes and portraits
  • White balance – how to make sure that the colours are correct
Session no 5:
  • Lense choice – focal length, angle of view, usage
  • Tips on composition


After each lesson, I offer homework and comprehensive feedback on the pictures, tips, and advice.

You will also receive course notes in pdf format.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:

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