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Best Portrait Photography Book? Top 10 Portraits Books to Read in 2024

Diving into a portrait photography book is akin to opening a gateway to the souls captured within its pages. Portraits are more than just photographs; they’re stories, emotions, and moments frozen in time, revealing the essence of an individual.

As a passionate photographer and writer, I’ve always been captivated by the power of a well-composed portrait. It’s not just about the subject; it’s about the connection, the lighting, the pose, and the story behind those eyes.

The world of portrait photography is vast, with myriad techniques, styles, and approaches. But the foundation remains the same: understanding the human element. That’s where a good portrait photography book comes into play. It offers insights, tips, and inspiration, guiding you to see beyond the lens and into the heart of your subject.

In this article, I’ll be delving into the world of famous portrait photographers and the best portraits books, presenting my top 10. Whether you’re embarking on your portrait photography adventure or seeking to hone your existing skills, these books are a treasure trove of insights. Let’s uncover the knowledge they hold and guide you to perfect posing, lighting, and shooting like a pro!

What is the most read book on portrait photography?

When it comes to portrait photography, there’s one book that stands out as the most read and most influential in the field. “Annie Leibovitz at Work” by Annie Leibovitz isn’t just a book; it’s a powerful narrative of the art of portrait photography through the lens of one of its most iconic practitioners. This masterpiece has inspired countless photographers and continues to be a pivotal reference point for anyone passionate about the world of portraiture.

If you were to buy just one book to elevate your understanding of portrait photography, I would highly recommend “Annie Leibovitz at Work“. But if your passion drives you to explore further, there are five essential portrait photography books that every photographer should have in their library.

Celebrated for their unique insights, pioneering techniques, and their unparalleled ability to capture the essence of their subjects, these are my Five Must-Have Portrait Photography Books. They offer a treasure trove of knowledge, from practical tips and techniques to profound reflections on the art of portraiture. Dive into the best books on portrait photography, learn from the masters, and get inspired!

5 Must-Have Portrait Photography Books

GREG WILLIAMS PHOTO BREAKDOWNS: The Stories Behind 100 Portraits
Gregory Heisler: 50 Portraits photography book
Annie Leibovitz Portraits 2005-2016
Peter Lindbergh On Fashion Photography.
Portraits by Steve McCurry book

Annie Leibovitz at Work

by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz at Work

Annie Leibovitz at Work” is a masterclass in portrait photography from one of the most celebrated photographers of our time. In this book, you’ll delve deep into Leibovitz’s iconic portraits, gaining insight into their cultural significance and the stories behind each shot.

You’ll discover her innovative and often unconventional approach to portraiture, which has set her apart in the world of photography. Not only will you see her remarkable images, but you’ll also get a glimpse into her creative process, allowing you to glean lessons from Leibovitz’s unparalleled artistic vision. It’s a must-read if you’re looking to understand the depth and artistry behind some of the most memorable portraits of our era.

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A Must-Read Best Books on Portrait Photography!

Diving into the world of portrait photography can be both exhilarating and daunting. With the vast array of digital photography techniques and styles available, it’s essential to have a solid foundation. The best photography books not only teach the technical aspects of good photography but also delve into the art of photography, helping you understand the nuances that transform a simple picture into a memorable portrait.

Whether you’re just starting out and looking for books for beginners or you’re an experienced shutterbug seeking advanced photography tips, the right book can make all the difference. For those passionate about capturing the essence of a person, these books for portrait photographers are invaluable resources. They offer insights, techniques, and inspiration that can help elevate your craft. So, if you’re eager to delve deeper and are on the hunt for books to learn from, you’re in the right place.

Let’s explore two standout titles that every portrait enthusiast should consider adding to their collection:

Mastering Portrait Photography

by Paul Wilkinson and Sarah Plater

Mastering Portrait Photography

Dive deep into the world of portrait photography with this comprehensive guide by Paul Wilkinson and Sarah Plater. This book is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering insights into every aspect of portrait photography. From understanding the nuances of lighting to mastering the art of posing, this book covers it all.

Wilkinson and Plater, both seasoned photographers, share their expertise and experiences, providing readers with practical tips and techniques. They delve into the intricacies of working with subjects, ensuring that every portrait captures the essence and personality of the individual. With a perfect blend of technical know-how and artistic insights, this book is a must-have for anyone serious about mastering portrait photography.

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Understanding Portrait Photography: How to Shoot Great Pictures of People by Bryan Peterson

Bryan Peterson, a renowned name in the world of photography, brings forth a guide that simplifies the complexities of portrait photography. This book is a masterclass in understanding the fundamentals of capturing stunning portraits. Peterson’s approach is holistic, focusing not just on the technical aspects but also on the emotional connection between the photographer and the subject.

Through this book, you will learn the importance of composition, lighting, and perspective in portrait photography. Peterson also shares invaluable tips on how to make subjects feel at ease, ensuring that their true personalities shine through in the photographs. With a plethora of examples and case studies, this book offers a hands-on approach to mastering the art of portrait photography.

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Lighting Techniques: Best Books to Enhance Skills of Every Portrait Photographer

In the art of photography, mastering the play of light is pivotal. The right lighting can transform an ordinary shot taken with a digital camera into a masterpiece. Whether you’re just grasping the basics of photography or are an experienced photographer, understanding lighting techniques is crucial. It’s not just about having the best camera settings or super expensive portrait lenses; it’s about knowing how to manipulate light to craft your favourite photography shots.

best book to learn portrait lighting techniques

Photo by: Jason Pierce-Williams

Lighting can make or break your portrait shoots, and having a practical guide can be a game-changer. Let’s take a look at the best resources that delve deep into this essential aspect of portrait photography. These are some of the best books on studio lighting and are considered by many as the top photography books ever published.

Dramatic Portrait: The Art of Crafting Light and Shadow

Chris Knight’s “Dramatic Portrait” is a deep dive into the world of portrait lighting. It’s not just about placing lights and shooting; it’s about understanding how light and shadow play together to create depth and emotion. This is probably one of my all-time favourites. I really like the “dramatic” low-key feel in portraits. His Rembrandt light setup. I’ve also watched his online class on Creative Live: Exploring Low-Key Portraiture.

Knight’s approach is methodical, blending artistic vision with technical know-how. He covers everything from basic setups to more advanced techniques. The book also delves into the psychology of lighting, helping photographers understand the mood and emotion each lighting setup can evoke. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to craft portraits that resonate and tell a story.

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Street Photography Now by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren

Rossella Vanon’s “Lighting People” is a comprehensive guide that demystifies the art of photography when it comes to lighting subjects. Vanon, with her vast experience, shares insights that cater to both beginners and experienced photographers.

The book covers various lighting setups, camera settings, and the nuances of working with different light sources. It’s a practical guide that encourages hands-on learning.

It is a fantastic book! I bought it soon after “Dramatic portrait”. Chris is into fine art, Rosella more beauty and fashion, so both books – lighting styles, tips, complement each other. Definitely worth adding to your collection!

Rossella also shares behind-the-scenes anecdotes, offering a holistic view of the portrait photography world. A lot of great tips on colour and texture in lighting.

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The Natural Light Portrait Book: The Step-by-Step Techniques You Need to Capture Amazing Photographs like the Pros

Natural light is a gift, and Scott Kelby’s book teaches you how to harness it effectively. This isn’t just another book on photography; it’s a journey through the basics of photography using the most organic light source available.

Kelby’s approach is both instructional and inspirational. He provides real-world scenarios, showcasing how natural light was used to achieve desired results. The book also touches upon the challenges of working with natural light and offers solutions to overcome them. By the end, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for the sun and all its glory.

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Studio Anywhere: A Photographer's Guide to Shooting in Unconventional Locations

Nick Fancher challenges the conventional with “Studio Anywhere”. This book proves that a great portrait can be shot anywhere if you have the right vision.

Fancher shares his experiences, offering insights into turning unconventional locations into makeshift studios. He provides readers with a fresh perspective on shooting in challenging environments, emphasizing adaptability and innovation.

The book is filled with practical exercises that encourage photographers to think outside the box. Fancher’s anecdotes, combined with his technical expertise, make this a must-read for those looking to push their creative boundaries.

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Posing and Direction: Best Photography Books for Capturing Authentic Portraits

In the world of portrait photography, mastering the art of posing for photographers is just as crucial as understanding your shutter speed or aperture. Posing can make or break a portrait. It’s the difference between a good shot and a great one. Whether you’re diving into street photography, aiming for that picture perfect posing in a family portrait, or venturing into wedding photography, the right pose can capture the essence of the moment.

Best photography books to learn posing and direction for models and portrait photographers

Photo by: Roland Pokrywka

But how do you choose the best pose? How do you direct a model or subject to look natural and authentic? These books I’m about to recommend are the answers to those questions. They are some of the best books that delve deep into the art of posing and lighting, ensuring every final portrait you take is nothing short of spectacular.

Photographing Women: Posing, Lighting, and Shooting Techniques for Portrait and Fashion Photography

Mastering Street Photography book is a practical guide to capturing the candid moments that reveal life at its most dramatic, absurd, or beautiful.

Brian Lloyd Duckett, Principal and Course Tutor of the StreetSnappers workshops, presents the techniques that can elevate images of the urban landscape from the ordinary to the extraordinary. He demonstrates how the successful street photographer needs to be an unseen observer, with the camera a mirror of everyday scenes and unaware subjects.

A guide to equipment and technical skills leads to lessons in finding inspiration, developing projects, and composing different subjects and scenes.

The book also addresses such key issues as staying safe and within the law when photographing on the street and the art of building an audience for your images.

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The Photographer's Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone

Lindsay Adler’s guide stands out as a pivotal resource for anyone passionate about portrait photography. It’s undeniably one of the best books to have if you’re eager to master the art of posing. Adler, celebrated as one of the premier portrait photographers, intricately demystifies the science and art of posing, ensuring every subject, regardless of their body type, is showcased at their absolute best.

She dives deep into the intricacies of body language, the nuances of facial expressions, and the impactful use of flash photography to elevate poses. The book is peppered with real-life examples, making the techniques both relatable and actionable. It’s a thorough guide that promises a well of inspiration, whether you’re framing a solo portrait, a group, or even a dynamic fashion shoot. Having absorbed so much from this book myself, I can vouch for its transformative impact on a photographer’s approach.

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POSE!: 1,000 Poses for Photographers and Models

If you ever find yourself running out of posing ideas, Mehmet Eygi’s “Pose!” is the resource you need. With a whopping 1,000 poses, this book showcases the breadth and depth of photography poses, ensuring you’re never at a loss during a shoot.

It’s a comprehensive collection of inspiration, perfect for both photographers and models. From casual to formal, candid to staged, this book covers a wide spectrum of photography styles. “Pose!” offers a fresh perspective and a wealth of ideas, making it an invaluable resource to elevate your portrait sessions.

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Developing Business Skills as a Portrait Photographer

While mastering the technical aspects of photography is crucial, understanding the business side of the profession is equally important. As a portrait photographer, you’re not just capturing moments; you’re also running a business. And to truly succeed, you need to wear both hats effectively.

Many books on photography focus on the art, but few delve into the business side of things. That’s where the book I’m about to recommend comes into play. It’s not just one of those photography books for beginners; it’s a comprehensive guide that covers both the art and the business of photography.

top book for portrait photographers on how to get hired and run successful studio

Photo by: Noah Buscher

In the world of portrait photography, where competition is fierce, having a unique selling point and understanding the business side of things can set you apart. And with Roberto Valenzuela’s guide, you’re equipped with the tools and knowledge to not only capture breathtaking portraits but also run a thriving photography business.

The Successful Professional Photographer: How to Stand Out, Get Hired, and Make Real Money as a Portrait or Wedding Photographer

What I particularly like about this book is how Roberto Valenzuela combines his vast experience in both photography and business to provide a comprehensive photography guide. He doesn’t just touch upon portrait posing and lighting; he delves deep into the nitty-gritty of setting up a successful photography business.

From branding and marketing to client relations and pricing, Valenzuela covers it all. He offers insights into learning how to take stunning portrait images while also ensuring you’re financially rewarded for your craft. This book is a must-read for every photographer looking to make a mark in the industry and earn a substantial income from their passion.

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Bonus – two Inspiring Books for Portrait Photographers!

Alright, I couldn’t resist throwing in a couple of bonus recommendations for you! These aren’t your typical how-to guides or technical manuals. The first one is an inspiring collection that showcases the diversity and beauty of women from around the world. And a second book, well, it may inspire you actually to turn the lens on yourself, there’s always a story waiting to be told! Hopefully, they will ignite your passion and offer a fresh perspective on capturing the essence of your subjects.

The Atlas of Beauty: Women of the World in 500 Portraits

Mihaela Noroc’s journey across the globe, capturing portraits of women from diverse backgrounds, is nothing short of awe-inspiring. This book is a celebration of beauty in all its forms, transcending borders, ages, and cultures.

Each portrait in “The Atlas of Beauty” tells a unique story, reminding us of the shared humanity that binds us all together. It’s a visual feast that challenges conventional beauty standards and showcases the incredible tapestry of women around the world. A must-have for anyone passionate about portrait photography and the stories behind the faces.

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Take Your Selfie Seriously: The Advanced Selfie and Self-Portrait Handbook

In the age of social media, the ‘selfie’ has become an art form in its own right. Sorelle Amore elevates this art form to new heights in her book. It’s not just about snapping a quick pic for Instagram; it’s about understanding composition, lighting, and mood to create a self-portrait that tells a story.

Sorelle offers insights into creating impactful and meaningful self-portraits, blending the lines between traditional portrait photography and the modern selfie. It’s a fresh, contemporary take on capturing oneself, and it’s bound to inspire photographers to see self-portraiture in a new light.

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Final thoughts

As we conclude our exploration into the world of portrait photography, let’s take a brief moment to reflect. We’ve journeyed through the 10 best portrait photography books of all time, each offering a unique lens into the craft. These aren’t just any books; they represent a curated list of the best books, brimming with insights from famous photographers from around the world.

Your interest in portrait photography is commendable, and while there are many photography books out there, the ones we’ve discussed stand out for their depth, expertise, and inspiration. But remember, while books provide a wealth of knowledge, nothing beats hands-on experience.

For those of you based in or visiting London, I’d like to extend an invitation to our Portrait Photography Course and our Creative Studio Lighting with Flash course. Both are incredibly hands-on, ensuring you get ample practice and direct feedback.

Dive deep, learn continuously, and let your passion for photography shine through every shot you take. Happy shooting!

I almost forgot! The main featured portrait photo is by Venus Major.

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